iLightboard App

iLightboard is an incredibly easy-to-use video lecture recording app that also doubles as a live drawing app.

iLightboard is currently in beta.

If you are a University of Toronto faculty-, student- or staff- member, you are welcome to test iLightboard while we continue development and prepare it for distribution on the App Store.

Please contact for information on how register for the beta. You are also welcome to visit the MADLab to use the app in our studio! Contact us to arrange an appointment to try out the app, or to record a lecture using our iPad Pro.

Request Beta Access

Hardware Requirements

  • iLightboard requires an iPad Pro running iOS 9.1 or later.
  • An Apple Pencil is also highly recommended.

Installation Instructions

  1. Contact to register for the beta.
  2. Open this page on your iPad and click the installation link below.
  3. You may have to approve the University of Toronto distribution certificate. Go to Settings -> General -> Profiles.
  4. Make sure your iPad is connected to the internet and launch the app. You will have to login with your UTORid the first time you launch it.

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